Pinterest-Reflection #3

Well this week’s task has been both exhilarating  and exasperating. I love Pinterest, and have been pinning for quite some time now but my big challenge this week was to add a Pinterest widget to my WordPress Blog space.Do you think I could work that out? No.What I did figure out this week however was equally exciting and so I will forgive myself this failing.No, I did not manage a Pinterest widget, but I did figure out how to add a link to my Facebook, add a photo gallery widget, an Instagram widget, a Twitter widget, a tag widget and a Calendar widget ( ok I am not sure why I added this, perhaps because I worked out I could). I figured out how to add a Pinterest board to my blog which I am thinking is a fantastic tool.I can envision using Pinterest in the classroom as a way for children to organize themselves. It is a fabulous way to file things and a fantastic teaching resource, I have been collecting lesson ideas for some time now. Perhaps it will eventually replace the old ring binder folders used in High School, and they too will take their place in history .


About rikelleturner

I'm a Mum of 3, Cancerian, student and Entertainer. I've been working in & around the Sydney music scene since the early 80’s in various Shows,Pantomime, including Mo Award–winning Great Pretenders tribute show, a ten year stretch at the Major Oak comedy theatre restaurant & backing diverse artists as Milko Foucault-Larche ( European & French shows ), Jacques Renay (The Australian Tom Jones Experience ).I have Co-produced various shows including Hats Off to Broadway with Milko Foucault-Larche and the Mo Award winning show ‘Aznavour From Today'. Cherri Jam Duo is the latest venture with partner Steve Brown, whilst continuing to work on several other projects.I have three beautiful girls who are divine and last September I embarked on the my "next great adventure" ...Teaching.So head down and bum up, it's study study study for me, with a little music thrown in.
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